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Corrugated Fin Wall

Corrugated Fin Wall

Anadolu Trafo has Fully Automatic Corrugated Fin Walls pressing(folding/forming) Machine and robot welding machines for distribution transformers, with all the state-of-the-art newest technologies.

How do we produce Fin Walls

DKP (CCR) 6112 A1 quality cold rolled are loaded to fin wall processing machine.

The technical document containing the customer requirement is worked on and the production parameters are adjusted to the specifications of our machine and entered the system.

DKP 6112 roll sheet metal is produced by fully automatic fin wall machine according to the parameters of customer request and welded by robots in order to keep it strong from the connection edges.

Function of Fin Walls

The role of fin walls is to increase the surface area in contact with cooling air. Due to the temperature rise of the winding under load, the oil temperature also rises. The hot oil rises upward to the top cover and goes down into the fins where it is cooled by the air rising up between the fins. Hence the heat dissipation becomes faster.

  1. No blockage of oil flow into the fins
  2. High efficiency cooling
  3. Improved heat dissipation
  4. Oil cleaning is easier & economic
  5. Less oil & less steel required

Manufacturing capacity of corrugated wall panels / Fin walls for transformer tanks and complete corrugated transformer tanks up to 10 MVA.

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